Paris by Cell Phone: The Week That Was (July 20 – July 26, 2014)

This is a collection of the pictures I’ve posted this week on Paris by Cell Phone.

July 20: Holy Sunday

Used 2014-07-20 Paroisse Saint Joseph Artisan (Paris Paul Prescott) C360_2013-03-23-11-43-16_orgi Sunday Used

Paroisse Saint Joseph Artisan Parish (Paris Paul Prescott)

July 21: Monument Monday

Used 2014-07-21 Parc Monceau (Paris Paul Prescott) IMG_20140623_182509 Sunday Used

Parc Monceau (Paris Paul Prescott)

July 22: Typical Tuesday

Used 2014-07-22 Square Du Temple (Paris Paul Prescott) IMG_20140701_175445e Sunday Used

Square Du Temple (Paris Paul Prescott)

July 23: Where is It Wednesday

No correct answers this week! Have I stumped the experts?

Used 2014-07-23 Where Is It (Paris Paul Prescott) IMG_20140209_123001g Sunday Used

Used 2014-07-23 Where Is It (Paris Paul Prescott)

What about you? If you know where this is, leave the location in a comment and win yourself a coveted Chupa Chups badge!

July 24: Titillating Thursday

Used 2014-07-24 Press Caledonia (Paris Paul Prescott) IMG_20140605_182106h Sunday Used

Press Caledonia (Paris Paul Prescott)

July 25: Freaky Friday

Used 2014-07-25 Choco Jelly (Paris Paul Prescott) IMG_20140607_084640da Sunday Used

Choco Jelly (Paris Paul Prescott)

July 26: Special Saturday

Used 2014-07-26 Cinema en pleine aire (Paris Paul Prescott) IMG_20140725_214829c Sunday Used

Cinema en plein air (Paris Paul Prescott)

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Just a small note to let you know this will be the last week for Paris by Cell Phone! I’ll be on vacation for the month of August and when I get back, I won’t be continuing with the pictures. Lately, it’s become more of a job than a pleasure for me, and life’s too short for that.

I’ll continue posting photographs and fiction on Paris Inspired, however!

Thank you very much for your visit and I hope you had a good time. 🙂

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